4 archiving software for business

4 archiving software for business. To better preserve data over the medium and long term, and guarantee their authenticity and integrity, most companies have adopted electronic archiving software. Indeed, archiving is a legal obligation in France that companies are required to respect. It allows the company to find all the supporting documents in the event of a tax audit or in the event of a dispute. Are you considering adopting a digital archiving solution for your business?

Electronic archiving software: what is it exactly?

With the Doxis4 archiving software, for example, you benefit from a veritable electronic safe that secures your company’s data and also guarantees the integrity of the stored documents. It saves a lot of time and therefore represents a major ally in archival research.

The documents are managed according to pre-established rules (by you), and can therefore only be accessed by a group of individuals holding the password. With the help of electronic archiving software, the days when a flood or other bad weather made your archives unreadable are over.

How does archiving software work?

You can also choose a mode of communication and set a deadline for consulting this data. Archiving software offers secure interfaces with access via HTTP.

Enterprise Archiving Software Features

Checking the functionalities of the archiving software is an essential step in choosing the latter. Thus, the archiving software must be able to manage all the files of your company including stocks, contacts, accounting, notes, photos, videos, etc.

It defines the retention period for documents as well as their life cycle according to specific standards. It also makes it possible to consult several archives at the same time and manages invalidated documents. The archiving software offers the user the possibility of annotating his archives and being able to use them during collaborative work in particular.

The software can also analyze the frequency and rate of consultation of archived documents. Finally, thanks to electronic messaging using applications such as Gmail and Outlook, email archiving is also one of the essential features of archiving software.

What is electronic archiving software intended for?

There are a multitude of software solutions in the management and archiving of documents.

Doxis4: the archiving software solution for your business

For efficient data archiving within your company, you need a powerful software. The Doxis4 software appears to be the ideal solution to meet your needs. Indeed, thanks to this software, your digitized documents are accessible from any location 24 hours a day by all your employees.


It is undoubtedly one of the most effective software in the electronic management of Workflow and documents. Endowed with great expertise, he ensures the intelligent management of electronic documents. It is the ideal solution for the dematerialization and automation of documents in relation to the activities of the company. With Docuware, teamwork is further boosted, as it saves you unnecessary and repetitive tasks. The software already has more than 14,000 users around the world. The tool offers the advantage of being easy to configure. Indeed, it is possible to dematerialize or automate your company’s processes in a few days or weeks using Docuware software. Despite the ease of use offered by the software, some users criticize it for a somewhat crude front office, with an unattractive design, an interface that is not very customizable, and features that are inaccessible due to the absence of a cloud.


Sicem is another very intuitive and scalable archiving software solution. It helps to lighten the workload related to physical documents and provides a solution for digitizing and archiving documents. The editor was developed in 1985 and today stands out as a true specialist in software engineering. It is therefore constantly innovating in the management of documents and their archiving. It now has 200 clients, including companies, departments and even ministries. Sicem uses the THOT, M@rine or VITAM archiving systems.


Within a company, it very often happens that it is difficult to find a specific document among many others. Zeendoc saves you these huge wastes of time by offering you the digitization of your documents. With this software, you have a database in which all your documents are automatically classified. In just a few clicks, you can access a document, modify it, or even delete it if necessary.

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