ALL ABOUT LIQUID AND NATURAL FOOD COLORS. To enhance the color of your preparations, the use of natural food colorings is essential. These solutions are mainly used in the kitchen to color food, especially in pastry: macaroon, themed cake, sugar paste, and many others. Thanks to their neutral taste as well as their ease of use, we can create an infinity of possibilities in terms of culinary innovations.

Bring color to your different recipes

Several solutions exist to bring a personalized touch to its creation. As an example, we can cite, among others, the liquid food coloring of the Exberry brand. This solution is perfect for both baking and savory dishes. The idea is quite simple: when preparing homemade recipes, you can easily color them with natural liquid food coloring. However, if you have any doubts about using this product, here are some practical tips to consider.

How to apply liquid natural food colorings?

Boxberry Liquid Natural Food Colors are the perfect solution for confectionery, savory applications, baking, and beverages. They are available in all shades of color thanks to their very advanced physical manufacturing technique. Apart from water, there is no trace of chemicals. Each drop poured into the preparation dissolves quickly and it is necessary to check the shade before adding more to obtain the desired color.

Otherwise, it is also possible to use a gun suitable for these liquid food colorings. The advantage of these food coloring techniques is that the dosing by drops makes it possible to color several creations at the same time. In short, adding liquid food coloring is to accentuate the color of food in order to make it more palatable. They also make it possible to compensate for the color of a dish that has lost its intensity due to storage or processing. Finally, this solution also offers the possibility of correcting the loss of color of an edible product.

Liquid natural food colors and health

People often wonder if Exberry Liquid Natural Food Colorants can harm your health. The answer is no because most products from this brand do not contain any chemicals other than water. The colors mainly come from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants which have undergone a very delicate physical treatment. The ideal is to apply only the smallest doses prescribed.

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