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All about predictive algorithms


All about predictive algorithms. In terms of sports betting, some of us have already tried everything: go through tipster sites, listen to the radio, keep up to date with matches, and why not, call on a clairvoyant. However, we have not yet found the miracle method to win every time.

The origin of predictive algorithms

We will talk here about football, the king of sports in Europe, on which we have a monumental collection of data. Player performance, pitch possession, incoming corners and goal probability are tiny samples of the available data.

Predictive algorithms have been around since the beginning of sport, and they are used by bettors as well as coaches and sports trainers. So it was a victory for Roberto Mancini and his team, Manchester United, in 2012.

Are algorithms better than traditional predictions?

The approach is obviously scientific since it is based on empirical data that calls for pure science.

Therefore, predictive algorithms are an excellent method to know the outcome of a match, especially, if you do not know much about the competition. Thus, it is easier to trust it when betting on a so-called exotic competition about which you know little.

Predictive models are designed by developers who often work for years on software. Cre which means that these algorithms, as precise as they are, of course include a large error.

The best French predictive algorithm sites

The market for “automatic” predictions is flourishing, but some sites are doing well by simply being effective. This site is available on Android and iOS applications and its success rate often exceed 30%.

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