Android or iOS, which system is better?

Android vs iOS, which system is better Smartphones are essential tools in the daily life of the majority of active people. In addition to being a means of communication, they allow you to do all kinds of things, play games or MMORPGs, watch lightning roulette reviews, follow your favorite series, etc. Two main operating systems share the share of the smartphone market: IOS and Android. For your next acquisition, we provide you with a comparison between the Apple system and that of Google Android vs iOS, which system is better


It is then more accessible for consumers since the models are available for all budgets. From version 1.1 to the latest Android 12, smartphones using Google’s operating system are flooding the market.

In addition, sharing photos and other files between different brands is not a problem. It is even possible to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another under Huawei’s EMUI system.

On the other hand, the IOS system is exclusively dedicated to iPhones. By opting for this system, you will only be able to share your files with iPhones. However, this helps protect the smartphone against malware that may damage the device.


The engineers of the Steve Jobs clan have made a point of honor on the security of Apple devices. As with its Google-signed counterpart, the unlocking of the device is done by code, pattern, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

For both systems, you can wipe your data on your device remotely if you can’t find it. This allows you to eradicate the access of the third party to your banking information or other professional or personal information.

Price and after-sales service

On the cost of acquisition, the iPhone is slightly more expensive than Android smartphones with equivalent configurations. Take the latest iPhone 13 pro-Max with 512GB as an example, which retails from €1509. In comparison with Samsung, the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra with the same storage capacity costs around 1439 €.

In addition to the purchase price of the device, the IOS is known for other paid services. It is also for this reason that smartphones from Apple are perceived as more ostentatious. By comparing the apps available on the play store and the app store, you will find more free programs on the google toy library.

If your choice is the smartphone with the IOS system, you benefit from very good after-sales support. The after-sales service will be of great help to you in finding your device in the event of theft. Moreover, it will allow you to troubleshoot your iPhone as it should be. As for after-sales service for Android, the support service will depend on the brand you have chosen.


Smartphones with IOaS systems are very popular with professionals, especially entrepreneurs. iPhone features make it much easier to manage tasks and appointments. On the other hand, Android devices allow quick access to Google services (Gmail, Google Drive, Play Store, etc.).

Applications for iPhone, admittedly paying, are of better quality, contributing to the fluidity of the use of the device. Unlike apps on Play Store, you are sure to easily find the one that suits you on the App Store.

To conclude, if accessibility and more affordable cost are important to you, Android is for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy more efficient applications, higher security, and better after-sales service with IOS.

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