Google Play Store, the store of apps and video games for smartphones

Google Play Store, the store of apps and video games for smartphones

Let’s start with a fact: without the Play Store app, your phone would be useless. The Play Store is Google’s media store from which you can download different types of content, both free and paid: apps and video games for smartphones movies music, and books.

Google Play Store: General

The Google Play Store is the official store for Android devices, it means that inside you can only find applications that can be used on your Android smartphone. If another operating system such as iOS is installed on your mobile phone, and therefore you have an iPhone, you will have to download the applications from the relative store called App Store (or Apple Store).
Where is the Google Play Store?

Google account, how does it work?

The Play Store works solely and exclusively using your Google account. So what does Google Account mean?
Let’s start at the beginning: when you first turned on your Android smartphone, you were asked to enter your Google account credentials or create a brand new one. In the latter case, you had to choose the username and password to associate with your new account.
If, on the other hand, you’ve never tried logging in, the Play Store is the right app to try.
These are mainly games and entertaining applications for the most well-known, but you will find applications of all types.
After deciding which app or content to download, click Install and the platform will do the rest. If you were to choose a paid app, the price would appear on the green button. Don’t worry: before making the purchase, the Google Play Store will always ask you for confirmation via a specific notification.

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