BEING FACED WITH WATER DAMAGE, WHAT TO DO? Whether you live in an apartment or a house, worries can happen to anyone. We can, indeed, all find ourselves confronted with electrical or plumbing problems.

When we see water everywhere, no matter what room we are in, it is true that panic can easily set in. What is happening and how to react?

Call professionals to solve the problem.

It may, in fact, be necessary to call on qualified professionals when a plumbing problem occurs in a dwelling. We must not venture to try to solve the problem ourselves, when we are not experts, at the risk of aggravating the situation. For this, the plumbing company ets caron can help you in interventions, installations, but also repairs.

Be aware that most plumbers have emergency services in case of real needs, so do not hesitate to contact them if you see that the situation is not under control.

Look where the leak is coming from to find out the reason for the problem.

Before even contacting someone, it may be wise to take a walk around the start of the leak. If you are in an apartment and there is no water point, where you find it, it may be a case of water damage at your neighbor’s house . In this case, you will have to see with him the steps to follow for your respective insurance, for example.

There are some leaks that can be fixed quite easily, without the need for a professional to come and help you. This is the case of clogged sink pipes, for example. It is enough that residues are present and prevent the water from passing through. In this case, you will only have to remove them.

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