Brave, the open source web browser that protects and respects privacy

Brave Browser is an open source, free and ad-tracker free web browser that offers anonymous internet browsing in the safest way in the world. Available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, this little-known browser remains one of the fastest and best when it comes to protecting personal data and privacy. But that’s not all, it was also the first web browser to make users money through cryptocurrencies. All the information on the subject in this article.

What to know about Brave Browser

The brave browser, founded by Mozilla Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich, was born in 2016 and is used by nearly 5.5 million Internet users worldwide. Faced with the success of the project, the brave navigator was able to raise $35 million in 2017.

Under an open source license, the brave browser is compiled from the kernel of Chromium, the developer variant of Google Chrome.

Brave Features
Brave Browser has many handy features. Among the most important questions are:

  • Privacy ;
  • connection speed;
  • Brave Rewards program;
  • ad blocking;
  • HTTPS is everywhere.
  • Thor

Benefits of using brave browser

Say no to online surveillance
By default, Brave blocks all annoying ads from all websites. What about those ads that follow you around the web? Bravery also stopped them.

40% faster than Google Chrome

Google Chrome is still the fastest browser at the moment. However, because the brave browser blocks cookies and other online advertising applications, it is now 40% faster than Google’s browser.

A clear difference… and obvious

No pesky ads and trackers means fewer elements (visible or hidden) on every page you visit. This also results in faster page loads, longer battery life, and more efficient data backup on mobile devices.

An open-source tool

Being an open source tool, the brave browser is ideal for IT professionals (ethical hackers, IT security officers, web developers, etc.). Depending on your preferences, you can configure the brave browser to perform private browsing or to browse completely anonymously. Apart from that, another cool thing about this browser is that you can install all Chrome compatible plugins and extensions.

How to use brave browser?

No special measures are required to use the brave browser. It is available for almost all platforms and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS…) and can be downloaded directly from the popular application library. For example, if you use an Android smartphone, you will find it in the Play Store or the App Store for Apple-branded products.

In short, remember that brave is an open source browser whose main purpose is to protect the privacy of Internet users. It also protects them from aggressive advertising by blocking all trackers and cookies by default. Personally, it has become my favorite internet browser!

How to install and download brave browser?

mobile browser
If you want to install the brave browser on your smartphone or iPhone, it is not recommended to download its APK version. Instead, install your browser directly from the Play Store or Apple Store.

brave browser for windows

To install it on Windows, simply download the executable version of the brave browser from its publisher’s site. And before downloading, make sure the installer is compatible with your OS version.

Interestingly, the brave browser is also available for Linux and Mac, in addition to Windows PCs.

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