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Business backup: professional backup software


Business backup: professional backup software. At present, a large number of companies are not yet aware of the importance of backup. And yet, the loss of data following a cyber attack or a virus can have serious repercussions.

By backing up your databases and computer files on a regular basis, you will avoid many inconveniences. You will indeed protect your files against possible cyberattacks or against crashes or incidents occurring on your computer equipment.

But what does computer backup really consist of? Is using backup software the most reliable alternative? Find some answers in this article.

Data backup: what is this task and why is it essential?

Also called backup, data backup is a process whose purpose is to create a duplication of your data, compress it, encrypt it and then store it in a safe place, in particular in storage space. There are several techniques to undertake data backup, namely:

  • a backup disk;
  • On specialized sites such as Google Drive or Dropbox;
  • a remote server;
  • On a storage device like the external hard drive;
  • Immediately in the cloud.

The implementation of a digital strategy is more than fundamental. Protecting and backing up your computer data is in fact a considerable challenge for the continuity of your company’s activities. If you neglect them, you run many risks, to name only the stagnation of your commercial activities, the fall in your turnover, and even the bankruptcy of your company.

  • A virus attack;
  • Flight ;
  • A breakdown of IT equipment;
  • The disloyalty of a partner;
  • An electrical surge;
  • Any inadvertence;
  • A natural disaster.

For all these reasons, you should save your data on more than one digital medium. Thanks to a copy of your files on an external disk or on an online storage server, you will guarantee their security. If you ever encounter a problem, it will be easier for you to reinstall your software.

lMedia for local backup

Local backup is the cheapest option.

  • Storage devices, including CD, DVD, external hard drive, or USB key;
  • Internet disk, namely the local folder or another disk of the same PC;
  • The hard disk can be accessed on the company network.

What type of backup to choose with the backup software?

Before choosing a backup service and software, you must first define the type of backup that best meets your expectations. To make a backup using backup software, you have various options:

  • Full backup or full backup;
  • Incremental backup or incremental backup;
  • Differential backup or differential backup.

The positives of backup software

For any business, backup software is an instrument of major importance. This option is particularly practical since your company’s data is accessible at all times.

Above all, using backup software allows you to easily manage your data online. In addition, a backup utility usually gives you a large storage volume, which can go to more than 1000 gigabytes. You will have enough to store large documents.

If you wish to access your information, you can do so at any time of the day, from the device of your choice: computer, mobile phone, tablet… Anyway, you will have entered it, professional backup software remains the most appropriate alternative for a business.

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