Choose your chair with wheels for more comfort in the office

Choose your chair with wheels for more comfort in the office. When you start a new job, or when the company renews its equipment, it is essential to choose the chair on which you spend a large part of your day. At least 5 to 7 hours a day, it is essential that this office furniture is adapted to the position occupied and to the morphology of the employee. The advantage of our time is that the choice is diverse and multiple, which makes it possible to find an office wheelchair solution for everyone.

I / Targeting the need to make a choice

Before ordering your future “throne”, a few aspects of its use should be considered. The first chosen one to think about is the position that is occupied. It should be understood here that an office chair will not be the same for an IT specialist as for a logistics agent or a CEO. And yes, the functions occupied also play a role in the choice of office real estate.

Beyond the representation of the function, if you are an executive, the time spent on this seat leads to considering high comfort. The number of movements made, between the different work supports, the demand for fluid and resistant castors. Finally, it goes without saying that ergonomic comfort is the highlight of the choice of office chair. A comfortably seated employee is a productive and efficient employee.

Once you know exactly what you need, the time has come to make the choice. This choice is seen as more important than changing an office chair every 4 to 5 years on average. The different models of chairs with wheels produced, with all the possible options, make it possible to optimize the work chair to choose.

II / Choosing the right office chair

From bottom to top, casters are an important criterion. The most frequently presented by 5, the wheels must have an adhesion adapted to the floor of the workplace, generally, a hard floor (tiles, parquet, linoleum, etc…). This allows for convenient and smooth-rolling. Next comes the height adjustment. Avoid complicated manipulations, and opt for ease of use of the joystick, which allows you to adjust the height of the seat according to the size of the employee and the desk.

Other adjustable and not insignificant parts are the seats and the backrest. One does not go without the other. Indeed, a padded seat, with an ideal depth, must allow the feet to rest flat on the ground. The backrest, meanwhile, must follow the curvature of the back and be adjustable for better comfort.

To finish the armrests and the headrest. The armrests must receive the forearms making an angle of 90°. This implies that height adjustment is essential. The header is not an obligation. If you make the choice, you have to be in the continuity of the file, without forcing on the neck.

Conclusion before choosing an office chair with wheels

If for some the purchase of an office chair with ergonomic wheels is a simple accessory, for others it is an investment for the well-being and comfort of employees. It allows you to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for a day’s work. The office chair with wheels is only the starting point for organizing the optimal workplace.

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