Pay in cryptocurrency, as we pay in euros

To make it easier for the general public to accept cryptocurrencies, the most important virtual currency platforms in the world have implemented cryptocurrency payment cards similar to bank cards. To give the impression that paying in cryptocurrency is like paying in euros. Usually, in partnership with Visa, these cards can be used at any merchant.

This type of use thus makes it possible to model, with more ease, payments in crypto-currencies. A bit like the little building blocks used in education in Singapore. Mobile applications, whose anchor point is the use of our phones to pay in cryptocurrency, have also appeared to meet this need.

Have trouble taking the leap?

Today, many say they are ready to buy or pay in crypto-currencies, but they cannot take the plunge. Why  ? Because they have trouble picturing what a cryptocurrency actually is. Not being something tangible, they constantly doubt the relevance of this technology. Imaging the blockchain, decentralization, or even peer-to-peer transactions in one’s mind requires a significant effort on the part of the brain.

Let’s not repeat the same mistakes

Take the Internet for example. Everyone knows that this technology has literally changed our society. But why have so few people invested in this technology, when they had all the cards in hand? It’s because they couldn’t imagine it.

We cannot touch the Internet, but only by modeling it in our minds can we understand its relevance. And those who have made this effort have no regrets compared to some. This principle also applies to crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin for example. Which, before being a reliable store of value, is an alternative medium of exchange, which does not depend on banks.

Anchoring in the abstract

Serving as an alternative exchange intermediary is the very purpose of Bitcoin. Something that many people find difficult to understand. Being an entirely virtual currency, it is hardly conceivable to be able to make purchases with Bitcoin, when it is technically possible. Although 90% of fiat currency (euro, dollars, yen, pound, etc.) is digital, the fact that people are becoming aware that this type of currency is indeed usable is explained by bank cards. But also because it is accepted by merchants all over the world.

An ingenious trust

Man has always had difficulty perceiving what is intangible. Being able to touch an object is much easier than imagining it in your mind. Why ? Because it requires very little effort from the brain. This is also why from an early age, in Singapore, mathematics is taught by manipulating small construction cubes.

Subsequently, children can model a mathematical situation with greater ease. That said, it’s no surprise that Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world. But how does this relate to cryptocurrencies? This is precisely what we will see in this article.

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