Customizable external battery: a nomadic solution

Are your mobile devices your best allies in any situation? Do you want to stay connected at all times? Nowadays, the impact of digital transformation in the professional field forces everyone to use technological tools. To be able to use your mobile device permanently, it is important to have the appropriate equipment at your disposal. Among the most recognized, we find the customizable external battery. We will immediately tell you everything you need to know about this equipment.

Your customizable power bank with PixePrint

This original product is distinguished by its compatible marking surface, used to integrate the name of a company, a logo, or an advertising message…

Models to choose from

At PixePrint, you can select the customizable power bank that’s right for you from a wide selection of models. As a communication specialist, this wholesaler helps you convey a message by object and strengthen your marketing strategy. They are offered in different powers, colors, and shapes with an intensity ranging from 1800mAh to 8000mAh.

A team specialized in screen printing will take care of printing your photo, your slogan, and your personal data on the box. Thus, you have the choice between different methods of personalization. There is, for example, laser engraving which is used to make aluminum models.

Within our catalog, external batteries in the shape of a USB key, bamboo models, goodies operating by solar induction, articles equipped with a lamp, and products inspired by the Rubik’s cube are available. For an eco-responsible approach, you will also discover ecological advertising tablet batteries.

The delivery

After ordering an advertising power bank, it may take up to 10 business days to get your product. Only, it is necessary to count these 10 days after your BAT is validated. The proof will be given to you in a PDF file as soon as you accept the quote and the order is approved by the team.

What is the customizable power bank?

A customizable external battery or promotional Powerbank is a high-tech product that works via USB. It can power your digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PC. This technological equipment replaces your usual charger thanks to its powerful battery.

The uses of this equipment

Faced with technological developments, opting for a high-performance and personalized external battery is a noble gesture. It is an accessory that has many professional and personal advantages.

The solution against battery failure

After a long time of use, you end up with a low battery. In this case, the external battery is a great help to supplement your battery and fight against stress.

You will also need it if there is no electrical outlet. When traveling, at the office, or on public transport, this gadget helps you out in complete efficiency.

Corporate giveaways

It is part of the advertising gadgets, essential to convey your brand. It is a high-tech gift for your employees, your partners, and your customers. In this case, it allows you to thank them in a different way, in addition to improving the relationship and trust.

This customizable gadget also guarantees the good visibility and notoriety of your brand.


This personalized technological goodie stands out for its practicality. Space-saving, it slips easily into your bag or pocket thanks to its lightness and minimalist dimension.

Thus, it is practical in all circumstances, during travel…

How to choose your customizable external battery?

A wide selection of external batteries is available on the market. To make the right choice, it is important to focus on certain points.

Power and compatibility with your device

The first criterion to consider is the type of device you want to charge. Indeed, it is necessary to know the energy intensity of your devices. For a smartphone or a tablet, the amperage is the same. Thus, a simple power bank will do the trick. On the other hand, a PC needs a more powerful external battery.

The type of use

The choice also depends on the type of use of the battery since it is an emergency accessory. You choose its performance at your convenience. To charge several devices at the same time, opt for a universal external battery.

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