How to improve your electric scooter: unlocking, battery optimization

Without really having had time to realize it, we got into the habit of not kissing each other, touching each other as little as possible, or even staying a good meter away from our fellow human beings. But there are also less sad consequences of the pandemic and one of them is certainly the spread of the motorized scooter. But how to improve your electric scooter? Answers.

Why improve your electric scooter?

The electric scooter has spread at high speed in the arteries of our cities. Fast, handy, transportable, and above all ecological, the electric scooter is destined to become one of the symbols of the soft mobility of tomorrow. Whether in the largest cities of France or in quieter towns, the scooter is everywhere. However, it happens that the original configuration of the machine is not sufficient to meet the needs of the user, and improving his electric scooter then becomes essential.
The behavior of the electric scooter and the performance it develops are dependent on multiple factors. The topography of the terrain, the frequency of use, the state of the road, or the driving habits of the owner are all parameters that influence your machine. And for some aesthetes, it is for example unthinkable not to improve their electric scooter, for example by choosing to debride Xiaomi pro 2 to go always faster!

Optimize battery life

But before that, let’s talk a bit about battery life. Again, this depends in particular on the slope of the road or the way you drive. For many, improving their electric scooter is first and foremost about increasing battery performance. And for that, nothing beats simply knowing how to choose your path! Prefer gently sloping climbs and avoid damaged roads as much as possible, you will make the engine work less!
In addition, your type of piloting will have a lot to do with the behavior of the battery. The more jerky and sporty your drive, the faster your battery will drain. Drivers who like thrills should therefore expect to stop often to recharge. Also, know how to park your scooter well out of the sun because the more the battery is exposed to the rays, the faster it discharges! Now let’s see how to unlock your scooter with a Xiaomi scooter application.

Unleash your scooter

Improving your electric scooter by ensuring good practices to save the battery is good. But transforming the performance of the engine to make it go faster is better! Know first that it is not illegal to unleash a vehicle. What is dangerous is to then use it in an unauthorized area, such as the roadway for example. This warning is given, let’s see how to increase the speed of his machine.
In fact, the process is extremely simple, just download an application and then follow the instructions given by expert sites, such as Here, not only will you have access to a multitude of innovative transport devices such as scooters, hoverboards, longboards, or electric skateboards, but also to a multitude of articles rich in precise advice to help you master your machine!

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