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Everything you need to know about breast augmentation in Tunisia!


Everything you need to know about breast augmentation in Tunisia. Before seeking breast augmentation surgery in Tunisia, it is necessary to enter into in-depth discussions and choose reputable clinics to make the decision calmly. It is difficult to have surgery without any medical reason and to pay financially for all the procedures.

The reasons for breast augmentation in Tunisia

Remember that breast augmentation in Tunisia is a surgical procedure and it usually requires general anesthesia. It is therefore important to make sure that breast augmentation is your wish and not a favor to your partner, for example.

Of course, there are also medical reasons for breast augmentation. In any case, we know that the shape and size of the breasts can have serious emotional consequences.

Medical reasons for breast augmentation are rare. There are mainly subjective aesthetic reasons: women with large breasts are generally considered more attractive. Therefore, the vast majority of surgeries are looking to be more satisfied with their bodies.

The concept of small breasts is a subjective assessment and a serious doctor will have a detailed discussion with the patient before surgery. Withered Breasts: This may sound weird. But there are women whose breasts after pregnancy or after breastfeeding are smaller than before, but with the same amount of skin. Of course, this can be a psychological burden.

How should you prepare to place a silicone prosthesis?

The first step in performing the surgery is to define the plastic surgeon.

Adjust medications for continuous use

  • quit smoking early
  • Do not take aspirin and anti-inflammatories
  • Do not use natural medicines without consulting the surgeon
  • How is the silicone implant procedure performed?
  • The first step is to define, during the medical evaluation, the ideal type of prosthesis to produce the result expected by the patient.

Measurements such as weight and height, chest width, and initial breast position are taken as the basis. The options are:

Submammary: in the groove of the breast

  • Axillary: through the armpit;
  • Periareolar: through the areola.

Looking for a professional

Warning: whatever the reason, if you decide to enlarge your breasts, you must go to a medical emergency like Univers-med! This does not mean that all professionals are of high quality. Always research the doctor’s history: does he specialize in plastic surgery?

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