FIRE PROTECTION ADVICE Damage caused by fire is irreversible. A fire, no matter how small, can become fatal if you are not prepared for it. It is better to know the security plans, including the measures to be taken to protect yourself effectively. Read this article to learn the best fire protection tips.

Invest in a portable fire extinguisher

Fire protection advice can be useful for living at home in complete peace of mind. Investing in a portable extinguisher is one of the best reflexes to have. With this kind of equipment, you can quickly extinguish a fire and limit the damage. A spray model will be ideal to benefit from a certain ease of use. Portable spray extinguishers are practical and perfect for the home. They work like an aerosol and have serious guarantees in terms of durability. You will only have to remove the cap and point it at the flames with a recoil of 1 to 3 meters, then press the top button. The extinguishing agent has a water capacity with a non-toxic foam. This helps extinguish the flames and cool the surrounding area in record time.

Equip yourself with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Just like the portable fire extinguisher, the smoke and carbon monoxide detector can help you optimize your protection. This is a line of defense against fire and gas leaks. The device can detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, in order to take the necessary measures. To limit the risk of fire, it is advisable to install at least one on each floor, including the basement. You still have the option of installing it near combustion appliances or near kitchen or heating appliances. The smoke detector is also installed near the bedrooms to allow you to be warned quickly in the event of a fire.

Optimize the installation of cooking equipment and heating appliances

The installation of cooking appliances and equipment is another aspect that should not be trivialized to protect against fires. Indeed, it is noted that cooking and heating equipment are a major source of fire in homes, along with open flames. Also, equipment such as space heaters, fireplaces and wood stoves can be dangerous.

A fire problem can occur when combustible materials are placed too close to a heat source. Poor ventilation can also be the cause. To minimize the risks, you must ensure that your heating appliance is installed correctly and that it benefits from the ideal maintenance, carried out by an expert in the field. It is also advisable to avoid burning pressure treated wood in your stove. Don’t forget to clean the chimney flues regularly. Cooking appliances can be the source of a fire, if you allow grease, dirt and damage to build up.

Clearly, protecting yourself from a fire requires the acquisition of certain equipment and the optimization of the installation of heating and cooking appliances.

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