Game design: what studies to do for the profession of a game designer?

These are professions that reflect the nature of an era. While wheelwrights have largely disappeared since the emergence of the automobile, digital technology has since brought new professions into the economic landscape. With the constant rise of the video game industry, the profession of a game designer is becoming more and more important and this profession, both creative and rigorous, now enjoys unparalleled appeal. Presentation.

The game designer, an essential position in the production of a video game

Once production has started, he will be responsible for coordinating the various teams. He is therefore in constant contact with developers, graphic designers, and testers. Programming, graphic design, management, and even marketing are areas in which he must be able to evolve with ease. He is also a supervisor who must be able to enforce the development costs and deadlines imposed by the client.

The skills required to become a game designer

With the ever-increasing success of the digital world and particularly that of video games, the profession of a game designer is therefore of great importance. However, there are also skills and personal qualities to have so that integration in this area is easier. Indeed, this work requires creativity while maintaining realism. He must take into account all the parameters that come into play when designing a video game.
The video game illustrator must think about the expectations of the target audience. He must not forget the ergonomics so that the game is perfectly adapted and pleasant for the player. Of course, the professional also has the duty to respect the budget, the given deadlines as well as the technical constraints of the computer equipment. Finally, the game designer must know how to work in a team since he must collaborate with a team including animators, graphic designers, or even character designers.
In addition to possessing these different qualities, following continuing education as an illustrator designer remains the best way to do this job. A profession that, let us remember, has a promising future. In addition, more and more people today are interested in video games and the digital field.

Training to become a game designer

The profession of the game designer is booming thanks to the growing expansion of the video game industry. Let us cite for example the DUT in Multimedia and Internet Professions or the BTS in Visual Communication, Multimedia option. But beware, tickets are expensive!

Remuneration and career prospects

If the profession of game designer enjoys a very special aura among young video game aficionados, the realities of the profession do not always live up to their expectations. In addition, the remuneration is not always commensurate with the time and energy invested.
There are also opportunities for development.

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