Google Lens on iPhone or iPad: How to set it up and use it?

What is Google Lens?

GoogleLens designates a digital image recognition tool. Using artificial intelligence, this program performs visual analysis to detect the content of a photo. It makes it possible to identify an object, a person, a place but also texts. As a result of the recognition, complete information will be displayed on your screen.

the first experience in this direction tempts you, try Lens on your mobile device.

Installing Google Lens

The lens is available on mobile devices with a Google Assistant. However, you can use another independent application.

It is compatible with Android smartphones from version 6.0 and iPhones. With an Android device, you will find the program for free on Google Play Store. You need to download an APK file. If you have an iPhone, you will need to install the Google Photo app. You must therefore activate the mobile data or the Wi-Fi of your mobile.

Some mobile device manufacturers, including Sony, integrate Google Lens directly into the camera of high-end smartphones. You can thus spot phones that already include this visual recognition program on the market.

To work properly, Google Lens should have access to your camera. First, you need to open the program in Google Assistant. A window will be displayed on your screen asking you for permission to access your mobile’s camera.

Good reasons to use Google Lens

Google Lens is the everyday know-it-all. You can use it to tell you anything that seems new to you. This tool could even allow you to travel alone in an unfamiliar place.

You can take a picture of a large map of the path in front of you to obtain the geographical position and also the good addresses nearby. When you find a foreign language inscription on a sign or display, Lens translates it while providing additional information.

When you point your camera at a restaurant, you’ll get its opening time and also any reviews recorded online. The contact of the establishment will be there so that you can ask for menus and prices before getting out of your car. You are not likely to make the wrong choice on where to have lunch

While you love gardening, discovering a plant that seems new to you will only take a few seconds. You can use Google Lens to detect its name, country of origin, available colors, and other interesting information. Even better, you’ll get suggestions for florists that stock this variety of plants. Google Lens will take your location into account to provide the list of flower shops closest to you.

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