Headless CMS, the new enterprise web content management system

Headless CMS, the new enterprise web content management system. Most companies are going digital. As online presence becomes essential, having a website is the best solution. Hence the need to master the marketing content dedicated to Internet users. Perfect your brand’s content management with Headless CMS.

What is Headless CMS?

The Headless Content Management System (CMS) is literally translated as a content management system. It thus designates a useful IT tool in terms of content for a web platform. It stands out for its headless architecture.

Traditional CMS and Headless CMS, what are the differences?

Today, a large majority consumes virtual. In other words, the search for services and consumable products online is part of the daily life of thousands of Internet users. This is why all brands must distribute attractive content on their website.

For a long time, most content for the web was served through browsers. Traditional CMS mix at the heart of the same system the information visible to Internet users (front-office) and the administration part of the platform (back-office). As interfaces become more heterogeneous, classical methods are no longer as efficient.

The Headless CMS, a “headless” CMS, does not include a front office. The integration of content thus depends on APIs or web services. On the other hand, its architecture differentiates between the functions of content creation and storage and the presentation of information to consumers.

Good reasons to adopt Headless CMS

Competition is fierce in all sectors of activity. Internet users, therefore, demand innovative and interactive content. Thanks to the Headless CMS, web marketing professionals can quickly create digital media to retain customers but also to attract new prospects.

It is also important to know that this type of CMS is not only favorable for those responsible for creating and managing content. It also facilitates the tasks of developers. Your technicians will be more comfortable with the choice of programming languages. They can use the latest APIs for their daily challenges.

Top 3 Headless CMS Tools

Do you want to try Headless CMS to optimize web content management? Adopt one of the following tools:


If you want to structure your web content, the Sanity tool will not disappoint you. It is a flexible open-source CMS solution to promote the unlimited distribution of your texts and images. It stands out for its quick setup regardless of developer level.


Strapi, a 100% Java Script tool, is aimed at developers looking for a fully customizable open-source CMS. It offers good control of data but also of costs. You can use custom plug-ins to optimize your content management.


Magnolia is one of the most popular Headless CMS on the market. It offers flexible APIs. This makes it easy to modify web applications. Obviously, regardless of the application used, your content will remain available.

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