How to find a hidden number on your smartphone?

Most mobile phone users refuse to pick up calls from hidden numbers. Others prefer to answer out of curiosity about the reason for the call. Fortunately, it is possible to unmask anonymity. Follow this guide to find out the hidden number trying to reach you on your smartphone.

apply a simplistic method

Tracing a hidden number shouldn’t take much time. The easiest technique is to type *69 to try to call back the hidden number that just called you. Try to call the phone number back as soon as your smartphone’s tone ends.

If you are unable to make a call, install softphone software on your smartphone. This innovative tool should provide the details of all incoming calls. You will be able to have the list of numbers that call you, even those hidden. It’s up to you to find a reliable and efficient application adapted to your needs.

Avoid picking up the call

When a hidden number tries to reach you to have a chat with you, it will persist until you pick up. To unmask his number, let the phone ring.

The person calling you will go to your voicemail. The latter will reveal the number that tried to call you. Thereafter, you can enter the phone number on search engines to detect the person who wants to contact you anonymously.

Contact the police

While a hidden number has been harassing you for some time, seek help from the authorities. Join the police station closest to you to file a complaint against X. This triggers the procedures to find the owner of the number trying to call you.

The police are working with mobile operators to quickly trace the number. You will need to bring your smartphone. Call details will be noted to facilitate research.

Use automated call forwarding

It is sometimes possible to identify a hidden number thanks to automated call forwarding. This technique consists of forwarding calls from hidden numbers to another number.

Since the number hiding code will only be valid for the main number, you unmask the phone number of the person calling you. You will have the opportunity to call him back or leave him a message. In order to succeed with this technique, you should contact your mobile operator.

Take advantage of a parental control application

In case your child complains about receiving calls from hidden numbers, adopt mobile software to get a complete call log. Find an application online that guarantees the backup of all incoming calls, including anonymous numbers.

By installing the software on your child’s smartphone and yours, you will get the details of each call on time: caller number, date, time and duration. If a stranger tries to harm your child, you can file a reserve complaint with the police.