HOW TO CHOOSE A COSMETICS INGREDIENT SUPPLIER. When you start a business, it is important to find a good supplier in order to offer quality products, guarantors of your values and which will please your customers.

Whether you want to open your cosmetics business or simply offer new products to your customers, you need to rely on a supplier of quality cosmetic ingredients.

Faced with the many wholesalers, the choice can however be complicated. Between the ingredients offered, the prices or the means of delivery, nothing should be left to chance. But then, how to select a good cosmetics supplier?

Choose a certified cosmetics supplier

The first thing to do when looking for a wholesaler for your business and mainly in the field of cosmetics, is to find a supplier who will meet your values ​​and who will guarantee quality. Observing the certifications that a supplier has is therefore the first step to get an idea of ​​what it offers. The certifications acquired by a supplier make it possible to identify if its products are natural, if it respects the standards in relation to health, but also to sustainable development. These standards make it possible to identify the value of its products and those that it will share with your company.

Sophim, for example, is a supplier of cosmetic ingredients specializing in squalane (100% olive origin) and based in France. This supplier offers natural ingredients and has numerous certifications that demonstrate its eco-responsible values ​​and establish the quality of its ingredients and products.

Check the quality and effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients

If certifications are important, so are customer reviews and the expertise of the supplier you want to turn to. When you offer cosmetic products for sale, they must be effective in building customer loyalty. While searching on the sites of suppliers with whom you wish to work, do not hesitate to observe the customer reviews left on their site or, take an interest in the expertise and the eco-score on their products.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the products directly to the suppliers, in order to know more about what you are about to sell.

The reliability of your cosmetic wholesaler

Once you have found the supplier of cosmetic ingredients that matches your values ​​and those of your company and whose product quality seems consistent with what you want to offer your customers, other criteria come into play.

The most important criterion is surely the price. You need to find a supplier who will offer you attractive prices, but who will also offer you an attractive method and delivery time. Finding a wholesaler who offers you these three things is important, and will allow you to be serene about the arrival and sale of your products. Choose companies based in France or close to you.

Quality remains paramount, find out if the products are subject to challenge tests. You wouldn’t want to sell a poor quality product, which could damage your customers’ skin and discredit you. If a cosmetic ingredient supplier meets all these expectations, you are sure to have found the right one.

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