HOW TO CHOOSE A GLASS RAILING? The glass railing is known to guarantee the safety of a staircase while bringing a touch of aesthetics. It is an equipment that is easy to install and suitable for different spaces. You can use it indoors and outdoors, especially in the swimming pool.

There are different types of glass railings on the market. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. To help you, we invite you to discover in this article some criteria to take into account to choose a glass railing.

Choose a glass railing according to the model

How to choose a glass railing? This question has many answers online. However, the first criterion to consider before choosing a glass railing is the model. Indeed, the glass railing comes in different types and with different characteristics.

For example, you have the model associated with aluminum which is very aesthetic, comfortable and solid. It is also lightweight and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, you have the exterior glass railing which offers real comfort when combined with stainless steel.

Consider the place of installation before choosing a glass railing

It is important that you know where you want to install the glass railing before choosing it. In fact, apart from the stairs, this equipment can be placed in the following places:

  • swimming pool ;
  • a balcony ;
  • a terrace, etc.

Before making your choice, you must determine the risk of falling in these places. This will allow you to know at what altitude the railing must be installed. By considering the location, you will also know the dimensions you should choose for your glass baluster. The risks that the place could represent will also allow you to see if you should choose a thick baluster or not.

Consider the type of glass

The glazed balustrade can be used with different categories of glass. Before making a choice, you must determine the type of glass you will be installing on your baluster. For example, you can opt for laminated glass. This type of glass is suitable for stairs that are installed overhead. You can put this in places that have huge tripping hazards.

This type of glass is also suitable for clamp glass railings. You also have the option of opting for tempered glass. also the first choice you should think about when you want to install a glass staircase railing in your home.

withstand weather and shock. It is the most recommended glass when you want to install your glass railing in a risky area. But its acquisition obviously comes at a higher cost.

Furthermore, you can also put an emphasis on the supplier. In the market, some glass railing suppliers are more well-known. By contacting them, you are guaranteed to buy a quality device. They can also recommend the professionals to contact for the installation of your glass railing.

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