How to save battery with Android

How to save battery with an Android smartphone The Android smartphone is an object that is now fully part of the daily lives of countless people. But despite being incredibly convenient, the features and apps it packs and the phone are very power-hungry. Despite advances in battery life in recent years, smartphone battery life rarely lasts 24 hours. It is better to adopt certain reflexes to overcome this and avoid specific problems.

Enable power-saving mode

On most devices, this mode is to prevent automatic app data updates unless you do and to stop all GPS use when your screen is off.

Change some settings

Battery life also depends a lot on the conditions in which you use your phone.

Do not overuse multitasking

Browsing from app to app without doing anything behind it can sometimes seem normal and innocuous to you, but be aware that leaving any app, or even several, running in the background can take a big hit on battery life.

Limit the use of Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile data

Like many other things on a smartphone, these functions do not seem to pose any threat to the autonomy of the device, which is not the case at all, since these functions are each very power-hungry.

Recharge your smartphone regularly

Finally, it is important to know that recharging your smartphone properly after each use can greatly preserve its autonomy. For current lithium batteries, it is best to prevent their level from falling too low before recharging the phone.

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