HOW TO SECURE A PUBLIC EVENT LIKE A CONCERT? Do you want to create a public event? Is this a project you have in mind or one that is already well advanced? Discover in this article the essentials to know to secure a public event.

You are responsible for the event

When you decide to create an event, it is your responsibility to implement all necessary means to secure the people who will be invited.

It is therefore necessary to comply with legal obligations such as:

  • safety rules (first aid stations, security guards, distribution of breathalyzers if people are likely to drink during your event, etc.);
  • hygiene rules (cleaners, toilets, garbage cans, etc.);
  • compliance with closing times, the legal capacity of the number of people.

You must therefore limit the risks as much as possible by, for example, installing police barriers in order to avoid crowd movements and the risk of accidents. To obtain the necessary equipment to secure a public event, you can trust Net Collectivités. This company offers quality urban equipment, at the best price, for professionals, communities, and also individuals.

Hire a security specialist

If you want to organize a public event, you can hire a private security company. You will thus benefit from their expertise before and during your event. A security company allows you to reduce the risk of incidents (rescue to people, fire) and make your event safer (terrorism, altercations, fight against malicious acts).

Having such a service makes it possible to provide an appropriate response according to the many criteria of your event (size, location, number of participants, etc.). A security company provides you with human and material resources to ensure a safe event. It has the expertise required to manage the security of public events in compliance with legal standards.

Take out an insurance contract to secure a public event

In addition to preventing any incident and ensuring that your event complies with legal obligations, it is essential that you have insurance. If you are an association, you may already have one. However, additional insurance is sometimes recommended depending on the size of your event (number of people, location, etc.). It is preferable to take out insurance that is tailor-made for your event in order to be protected as much as possible in the event of an incident. Prevention is better than cure !

You now know how to secure a public event. If you want to deepen the subject, do not hesitate to continue reading by informing you about the best way to make a success of a corporate event.

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