INTERPACK TRANSPORT, SPECIALIST IN URGENT PARCEL TRANSPORT IN FRANCE AND EUROPE. For the urgent transport of parcels, Interpack Transports offers solutions that adapt to the needs of its customers. The team analyzes their requirements and mobilizes the appropriate resources to ensure delivery as soon as possible.

20 years of experience in urgent parcel transport

Interpack Transports has an experience based on 20 years of existence. It has been able to develop an efficient network by approaching several hundred service providers in order to offer solutions adapted to each request of its customers. The team at your disposal solves your delivery problems in France and abroad. Thanks to a perfect mastery of flows, it is able to make you benefit from attractive charter rates for your urgent shipments.

Interpack Transports has developed on a family basis and wishes to offer its employees a human dimension in management. For the urgent transport of parcels, you can count on the excellent service of Interpack Transports which mobilizes the know-how and skills of its employees to satisfy you. The company is reachable 7 days a week.

Services that adapt to customer needs

Interpack Transports offers solutions for emergency transport, everywhere in France, but also internationally. Here are the different services available:

  • The parcel taxi is perfectly suited to situations where there is a break in the production chain or to deliver medical, IT or industrial equipment in an emergency. This type of transport makes it possible to be delivered directly, without reloading, with very short delivery times.
  • Express transport offers customers a delivery solution between 24 and 72 hours. It basically depends on the destination. In order to arrive quickly, your goods can benefit from modular transport by exploiting in particular the speed of the rail.
  • The transport of batches consists of transporting goods with a large volume from point A to point B. It may require the mobilization of a tanker truck or even an exceptional convoy. Whatever the type of goods to be transported, Interpack deploys the appropriate solutions.
  • Many carriers do not want to serve city centers for understandable reasons. In order to carry out your last mile deliveries, Interpack Transport mobilizes the essential resources to avoid any break in load and thus allow you to receive your goods as soon as possible.

An environmental commitment

Interpack Transports is a company that is aware of environmental issues. This is why its fleet consists of vehicles equipped with monocoque composite bodies. The frames are made of aluminum, a light material, but above all recyclable. A lighter truck reduces fuel consumption. Thus, the Interpack Transports fleet has reduced its CO2 emissions by almost 25%. Ecology is one of the essential criteria for choosing your carrier.

Interpack Transports is the efficient solution for urgent parcel transport in France and abroad. With 20 years of experience, the company is able to deploy adequate resources to fulfill its commitments.

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