The benefits of marketing automation for local merchants

The benefits of marketing automation for local merchants . Faced with the increasing number of choices that arise, customers tend to go from merchants to merchants to test the product, service, and user experience. It is therefore important to set up an iron concrete loyalty program, a small welcome email, a personalized offer, a promo code, a referral system that earns him points, contests, and games to receive free products, etc. But all this requires work in a loop that requires investment in time, money, and personnel. This is why it is interesting to embark on marketing automation to automate all these recurring tasks.

First advantage: optimize your marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is to regularly attract customers and retain existing ones. Indeed, customer loyalty costs less and brings you more sales. To launch all marketing campaigns such as email, content creation (articles, videos, podcasts), organization of corporate events… Whether it’s to attract new leads or retain your current customers, you can automate all actions to be taken.

Marketing automation also allows you to centralize your entire customer acquisition and management process. On the same platform, you can collect, store and process customer data.

Second advantage: to save your resources

Launching a marketing strategy requires a lot of financial, time, and human resources. By using a powerful platform like DOOD, you have the chance to optimize all your regular tasks such as collecting customer data, sending emails, creating workflows, managing social networks, following up on prospects, etc. Marketing automation makes the omnichannel approach easier.

You can plan all these tasks on the same platform and you can focus on your marketing strategy.

Third advantage: to optimize your sales funnel

It is not easy to establish a follow-up for each lead, because the prospects do not have the same maturation speed. Thanks to marketing automation tools, you can closely monitor the progress of each prospect.

By having all the data concerning the attitudes of your prospects, you know when to contact a lead to offer him a product or service. The secret to a successful sale is to offer the right product to the right person at the right time. Marketing automation helps you automatically process your customer data and fuel their buying thinking.

Fourth advantage: increase your income

The goal of any marketing strategy is to increase sales. The same is true for marketing automation.

This technique makes it possible to segment the clientele so as not to limit your sale to the same and unique target. Now you can have multiple categories of customers, each with elements that determine their buying tendency. By offering each category the offers that perfectly meet their expectations, you are sure to explode your sales.