How to create a Minecraft server to play the game online?

How to create a Minecraft server to play the game online? Whether it’s to have more freedom or to play multiplayer with your friends or loved ones, owning your own Minecraft server can be very useful to you. Creating your own server is not easy, but it is nevertheless quite doable. This article will help you understand how to create a Minecraft server as simply as possible, using only what is on the official Minecraft website.

Server installation and configuration

Creating and configuring your Minecraft server can be done by following a few not too complicated steps.

When the download is complete, launch minecraft_server 1.8.1.exe, and new items will appear in your folder. Open ”eula.txt” with notepad and change ”false” to ”true” and save. Then relaunch ‘minecraft_server 1.8.1.exe’, creating new files in your folder. Once a window has appeared, write “stop” in the input area at the bottom right then validate. Still, in your folder, open the ”server. properties” to see several lines that represent the particularities of your server. You can choose to keep the defaults or, if you wish, make some changes. For example allow-flight=false: prohibits the possibility of flying in the air. Replace with ”true” to modify; max-world-size=29999988: Specifies the size of the world. The digits are replaceable; difficulty=1: indicates the difficulty level of the game. 1 for easy, 2 normal, 3 difficult, and 0 for peaceful. Several other options are still configurable according to your preferences, and once your settings are complete, save and then exit the notepad.

Server launch

Once setup is complete, run “minecraft_server 1.8.1.exe to launch your server. Minimize the window then start the Minecraft game. You can now enter your server world, but you will still be alone.

Allow other players to join the server

For this last step, you must configure your box to open the firewall port 25665, each box operates differently, you are invited to find the procedure to open the port on your particular box. Then, in order for other players to finally join your server, they must enter your IP address in the ”Server Address” box in ”Quick Connect” of ”Multiplayer” and finally click on ”Join” ‘. Note that you need to find your IP address and then share it with your friends so they can join you.

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