Online payments save time and effort

Online payments save time and effort. Before the global Covid-19 crisis, many transactions, such as the payment of invoices, required the personal presence of the customer in question in order to be able to make this payment. With the crisis, many structures and sectors have gone digital to adapt to current circumstances, to the different situations and needs of customers. Mobile devices have changed the rules of the game and have become almost essential everywhere we go!

Benefits of online payments

Online payment is not only advantageous for consumers and customers. It should be noted that even companies, businesses, and structures of different sizes benefit from the advantages of this solution. Online payment allows them to develop their turnover and attract more customers.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages offered by online payments for both businesses and consumers.

  • Transfers of different sizes are possible: Online payments are available for small amounts but also for larger amounts, these payment solutions have more attractive payment limits.
  • Ease and comfort of payment: This payment solution is also fast and comfortable. On top of that, it is totally free and does not require any fees or commissions. With just a few clicks, you can make your payment
  • A modern and digital image: The fact of offering mobile or online payment to its customers gives

Faster Payment Collection

For years, one of the most common ways to pay closing costs and other real estate expenses has been by paper check. But as you know, check payments aren’t instant. Personal checks can take two to three days to clear the bank, and even longer when any banking issues arise. That means title companies and real estate brokerages don’t get the money right away. And of course, if the check bounces, it can take weeks to get paid, delaying the entire closing process.

This is why cashier’s checks and certified checks are often preferred — or even required — over personal checks. But even these checks typically take a day or two to clear the bank, so it’s not an instant payment. If the client is mailing the check to your office, that’s even more time you have to wait for payment. And there’s the fact that someone in your office has to take a trip to the bank to deposit all those checks. That’s more time spent just collecting payments for real estate transactions!

With digital payments, you don’t have to worry about any of this. It usually takes seconds for your real estate clients to send a digital payment, and you can see it in your account instantly. This can help real estate transactions move faster and more seamlessly, making the whole process of buying or selling real estate more efficient. So if you want to save time for your clients and your office as a whole, digital payments are the way to go.

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