PANORAMA OF 3D ANIMATION. The digital animation industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Proof of this is the rise of animation companies and departments, as well as the success of films and video games made with this technology. Computer-generated images are also present in architecture and in the marketing sector. Overview of 3D animation.

What is 3D animation, and how does it work?

With it, you create characters, environments, vehicles, monsters, and everything imaginable. 3D animation is based on the ability to give your designs a background, lighting, depth, or even motion effect. Videos and animations will be seen in three dimensions by adding shapes, movements, etc. 3D animation allows better rendering of shadows and shapes.

This animation is made using computer modeling software. For example, there is stop motion, which uses static objects to create animation. Another technique popularized by Nintendo video games is cel-shading. It is actually a computer-generated image that is closer to 2D in its texture. In the film industry, studios favor motion capture. This is a technique that recreates the movements of a real person using sensors previously placed on their body. The level of realism of the synthetic image depends on the use you want to make. Nowadays, thanks to a 3D animation studio, you can recreate in detail an object present in real life.

It’s cheaper to design

3D marketing strategies and the resulting advertising campaigns are much cheaper than traditional campaigns. While it is obviously necessary to make an initial investment for the realization of the project, it still requires fewer steps than having to organize photo shoots and finalize prototypes. 3D animation just requires a computer and a specialist for modeling.

Image quality is good

When done well, 3D animation gives you a high-quality visual. This is a godsend for the least photogenic products such as caps for example.

Even if the product you are marketing is not at all photogenic, thanks to the use of 3D modeling it will be very easy to eliminate all the defects without the need to go through exhausting photo sessions.

More effective than photography

The use of photography turns out to be more complicated, because often in post-production there is a risk that the images will turn out to be artificial and misleading.

How 3D animation can be used to create engaging content?

3D animation can facilitate the interaction between the Internet user and the products he is looking for. 3D visualization in marketing is a great way to increase customer attention to your products. For example, you can create a 3D visual representation of your product, and allow your customers to interact with it in real-time. If we take the case of shoes as an example, 3D models allow customers to change their color to zoom in and out and even rotate the image to see the shoe from all angles.

3D animation offers companies the opportunity to promote their products using a three-dimensional vision that allows customers to interact with the product interface. With this strategy, it is much easier for Internet users to make a choice.

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