Can a telephone conversation be recorded?

Looking for the best way to record calls on your mobile? This function is usually not on the phone, but it is possible if certain applications are used.

The reasons for call recording can be multiple. For example, it is essential for those of us who conduct phone interviews; and form a test before contracts are signed over the phone. Of course, two important aspects must be taken into account: the interlocutor must be informed that the call is being recorded and we must ensure that the recording of calls is authorized by law, which it is. in France, if the person has given their consent.

How to Record Calls on Android Phones

In Android, it has always been quite easy to record phone calls, but in the latest versions, Google has blocked this possibility. Surely you can’t do much if you have a mobile with Android 9 or a newer model, at least directly.

Cube ACR is a very good application for recording phone calls which works as follows: it is able to record the audio of the conversation automatically, as well as manually. And it’s not just about phone calls, since Cube ACR can record audio communications from WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram, for example, it’s perfect for having the audio recording of all communications.

How to record calls on iPhone?

Although the apps came up with an ingenious way to get the recording: link the call to a third phone number. This makes the apps a little more complex and also paid. Usually through subscriptions.

On iPhone, you need to call from the recording app and add the phone number of the person you want to record into the conference.

We’ve chosen a few apps for the task we’re looking for: both are quality and offer everything from recording calls to later playback and storage on the phone. Here they are :

Rec Me first of all, is an application that is enough to meet all expectations on phone call recordings.

Yulia LTD is another call recording app that already says in its name everything it does. It uses the conference trick to record conversations; It is free to download and offers a subscription to access its use.

How do record calls universally and without apps?

In case of the apps we recommended don’t work for you, or if you want to have a universal method to get the recordings, you can always go for the basics: record audio with another device. The voices will be perfectly understood and you can transcribe them without any problem.

You need a second phone to record audio. Failing that, a voice recorder also works:

  • Call the number in the question and activate the mobile’s external speaker in the call options.
  • Open the recording app on the second phone and tap on the recording button.
  • Make sure the speaker volume is high enough and the two phones are close to each other.
  • When the call ends, stop recording on the second mobile (or on the recorder) and you will have it recorded.

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