Save your pet at any time with veterinary emergency services

Save your pet Sometimes your veterinarian is not available at the time you call. And yet, if you have an emergency or your pet needs medical intervention, it can’t wait. To save your faithful companion whatever the time, find a veterinarian on duty.

Veterinary emergency services: an obligation of continuity of care

All pets, dogs, or cats are entitled to permanent care just like other humans. When your animal suffers, you also suffer. And since he does not speak, you are unaware of the evil which gnaws at him. This is why it is in your interest to take care of your animal by requesting veterinary emergency services. Moreover, on-call veterinarians have the obligation to ensure the continuity of animal care outside the opening hours of veterinary clinics.
On the other hand, a veterinary emergency involves taking care of sick animals regardless of the hour. On-call veterinarians are on duty at night, on weekends, and on public holidays. Night consultations concern the most serious cases and cannot wait for the availability of the attending veterinarian. In principle, the veterinary services provide on-call duty on a rotational basis. It is therefore important to call the clinic before bringing your pet. Only a veterinarian will be able to define the emergency symptoms or not in the animal.

The first step to finding an on-call veterinarian

If this is the first time this has happened to you, don’t panic. The first step to take is to call your attending veterinarian. With any luck, you’ll get his answering machine and he’ll call you right back. Or, he has a habit of not turning off his phone even if he is not on duty at night, on a weekend or during holidays. The doctor will tell you what to do to relieve your animal. He may recommend that you buy some routine medications. Besides that, if your dog or cat is in a very critical condition, he will give you some emergency numbers. Finding an on-call veterinarian is not easy, especially if you are a bit far from the city center. But other solutions exist.

Opt for a home emergency service

A home veterinary emergency service exists in some cities such as Paris, Nice, or Lyon. If you cannot afford to come to the clinic in the middle of the night, the veterinarian will come to your home. A home emergency service can then provide first aid at home. It is possible to use applications that allow you to find an on-call veterinarian near you. The principle is always the same: you contact the veterinarian who offers emergency service, you tell him all the symptoms of your animal and he will prepare all the appropriate equipment and medication.

Find an emergency veterinarian on a dedicated platform

Nowadays, time is precious when there is an emergency. An animal can die at any time if you delay in finding an on-call veterinarian. Then save time by using another method. For all veterinary emergency services, there is a platform that allows you to access a whole list of on-call veterinarians in your department. By using this site, you will intervene in time for your pet.