Switch SD card: how to choose the best micro SD card for Nintendo?

Switch SD card: how to choose the best micro SD card for Nintendo? With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, many have wondered about its internal memory and the need to include a microSD card in their consoles.

Based on this, as many are unaware of the technical characteristics, we believe that it is essential to share this type of material and allow everyone to have the same understanding.

The different micro-SD cards


Its capacities vary from 128 MB to 2 GB, this type is very famous in addition to being cheap, it is used a lot in mobile phones to store photos and files, generally considered to be version 1.0 and 1.1 of the SD interface, it has storage capacity from 16MB to 2GB.

These classic micro SD cards can also be found with a storage capacity of 4 GB, but the official size is usually limited to 2 GB precisely because of formatting difficulties and compatibility.

Although Nintendo mentions that it supports this type of card. We don’t recommend using them, as they don’t have a size to properly store files, nor do they support the appropriate speeds associated with in-class technology.


The acronym comes from High Capacity, being a more advanced version of the traditional SD card, it has storage capacities in the range of 4 GB to 32 GB. Its default format is FAT32. In this type, the micro SDHC has several levels called speed levels.

Micro SDXC

Here we have the SD Extended Capacity, extended capacity cards, an even more evolved version, and the most suitable for use on your Nintendo Switch. For this model, you can find much larger storage capacities, from 64 GB to 2 TB. Most devices manufactured after 2010 work with this technology.

The Best Micro SD Cards for Nintendo

Samsung – Micro SDXC Evo+ with UHS-3

By using UHS-3, you will have a very high level of transfer. It’s not the cheapest version, but it will really suit demanding users who want to make the most of the transfer levels available on their devices. It costs around one hundred euros.

SanDisk – Micro SDXC Ultra Class 10 128 GB

Costing only 30 euros, it can only be recommended, despite its low price, it has excellent storage space. It doesn’t have UHS-3, but works with high transfer speeds and still manages to have very good performance, making it an excellent value for money model.

In addition to the Ultra version, SanDisk works with other versions like the Extreme, which are much more expensive, due to their speeds, which will not bring any additional advantage to the Switch. For the Nintendo console, the performance of the Ultra version with UHS-I will easily satisfy your needs.

SanDisk 32GB Micro SDXC Ultra Class 10

Do you remember that MicroSDHC supports up to 32GB? Well, we have an option that doesn’t lag behind in terms of speed either. With this micro sd card, you will have practically the same performance as with other cards. Its price is what makes it a must-have since it is around 10 euros. The only downside is its storage size, but it can be useful. Also, since it is a more common type of card, if you have it on another device, know that it can also serve perfectly well on your Switch.

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