TEAM BUILDING, WHAT TO DO DURING YOUR SEMINAR IN LISBON. Characterized by its cultural richness and its remarkable architecture, Lisbon is one of the most popular destinations for companies wishing to organize a seminar. Offering several team-building activities, the European city allows your employees to recharge their batteries while strengthening their cohesion. What are the activities to practice during the seminar in Lisbon?

Practice surfing during your team building

Ideal for employees, surfing is an energizing activity. It can be practiced in Lisbon given that this destination is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Before carrying out this team-building activity, it is important to take into consideration the level of experience of each member of the team. For beginners, choose the beach of Carcavelos or that of Cascais. Experienced surfers, on the other hand, can practice this activity on Guincho beach or the beaches to the north such as Nazaré. By practicing surfing, your team can learn and succeed together. This helps to create links.

In addition to the beach, this European city has other places not to be missed during your seminar. You can go to this site to find out what to do in Lisbon in 3 days.

A green escape in Sintra Cascais Park

Home to stunning landscapes and wild forests, Sintra Park is a great place for your team to recharge their batteries. Before immersing yourself in nature, you must enjoy the romantic city of Sintra with your jeep. Exploring the hills of Sintra is ideal for energizing your employees. With many stops, your route offers exceptional panoramic views. Sintra offers the perfect setting for organizing an incentive seminar.

A cooking workshop to discover Portuguese gastronomy

Promoting conviviality, the cooking workshop is a good time for sharing and exchange. By organizing this activity, your employees can discover the richness of Portuguese gastronomy. The latter is known as being fine, it is ideal for gourmets and gourmands.

Accompanied by chefs from the region, your team can concoct the most famous recipes such as Portuguese tapas and petiscos. The latter consider themselves an art of living in the city of Lisbon. They serve both dinner and lunch.

Embark on the Tagus River to strengthen team spirit

The Tagus River is ideal for enjoying the fresh and pure air on a sailboat. Before boarding, a skipper gives instructions to the participants on the different techniques to properly maneuver a boat. They benefit from security-related information. This team-building activity is a real challenge. Its main objective is to improve cohesion and team spirit. It also allows you to develop certain skills such as decision-making, leadership, and the search for a quick solution to a problem.

The Hippotrip ride, for an original team building

Able to sail on water, the Hippotrip also rolls on land. A ride in this vehicle is recommended to have a good time with colleagues in Lisbon. Along the way, it is possible to discover historical sites, magnificent Lisbon streets, etc. You can use the Hippotrip to enjoy a cruise ride. The latter allows you to admire several attractions, such as the Tower of Belém, and the famous statue of Christ the King. This activity is perfect for bonding your team.

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