Teleworking chair: criteria for choosing an office chair for teleworking

Teleworking chair criteria for choosing an office chair for teleworking. Since the COVID crisis, working from home has become more and more common. Beyond having a computer and an internet connection of sufficient speed, the employee must also equip himself with an office chair to telecommute. Indeed, when spending long hours at your workstation, the comfort and ergonomics of your chair are therefore essential.

Navailles, a French manufacturer, puts all its expertise at the service of the well-being of its users. Since 1966, these craftsmen have been creating ergonomic and innovative seats that combine comfort, health, safety, efficiency, and ease of use, and that adapt to all lifestyles. Since it is an expert, the Navailles.Fr team advises you on the criteria to take into account when choosing an office chair for teleworking.

Think about comfort when choosing your office chair for telecommuting

Above all, Navailles knows that when you spend hours sitting, your back and spine can be put to the test. The office chair for telecommuting must therefore offer good back support thanks to an ergonomic model that improves your posture.

The ideal seat must be adjustable in height, and offer firm support at the lumbar level. Optionally, it is possible to choose one with a headrest and armrests. The coating is also a selection criterion since the office chair is used on a daily basis. It must be of good enough quality to withstand repeated use without deteriorating.

Take the time to try out your seat before purchase if possible. It must correspond to your morphology: your feet must be placed flat on the ground, and the back must be wrapped in the backrest. Because musculoskeletal disorders are increasingly common ailments, they are becoming a matter of public health, as argued in this article. Your back is precious, pamper it!

An office chair that adapts to your lifestyle

Working from home on your computer means that your tools must adapt to your environment. Before choosing the first office chair that comes along, think about your lifestyle and your organization.

  • What about your place in terms of space? Can you invest in a seat that is a little imposing or rather functional?
  • Would you need a seat with wheels?
  • Do you want armrests to rest your elbows on while typing on your computer keyboard?
  • Do you need lower back support?
  • Does a headrest relieve your neck pain?

Each worker has a morphology and a posture at his workstation that belongs only to him. It’s up to the office chair to adapt to your lifestyle. Navailles offers polyurethane foam seats that hug your curves and provide good support. Each of the creations is customizable to meet your expectations and is guaranteed for 8 years.

Do not hesitate to contact their expert collaborators, they will be able to guide you to the office chair for telecommuting that best suits your needs and your use.

After the back, the seat. Essential to be well seated for telecommuting

May the hour’s pass on his office chair can be long, buttocks and thighs must also be entitled to their little comfort. The seat should not be too forward and slightly inclined downwards, so as not to cut off blood circulation in the legs and cause tingling.

The padding of the seat can be firm or balanced, it will be up to you to determine which is the most comfortable in your case. Of course, the latter must offer height adjustment options. Shock absorbers may be welcome to absorb any shocks and movements and thus preserve your back and spine.

In summary

Before effectively choosing your office chair for telecommuting, advises you:

  • To have the right posture. That is to say, head straight, back against the backrest, sit at the bottom of the seat, adjust its height before your feet touch the ground and your legs are positioned at 90°. Place your forearms on your work surface with your elbows at 90°.
  • Take into account your morphology by checking the seat, its height, and its inclination. The seat back should wrap comfortably around your back. You can choose additional options such as an armrest or a headrest.
  • Take into account its time of use in order to choose the padding and the coating adapted to your needs. The backrest and seat can recline or remain fixed.

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