The advantages of helpdesk software and a ticketing system

The advantages of helpdesk software and a ticketing system. Customer interactions with your brand continue even after the sale. From the moment a prospect visits your website to the moment they need help, even after years of purchase, your brand should be available. But can you really care about your customers when your agents don’t know how to track tickets? Or when they use dozens of different tools to communicate with customers?

The IT helpdesk is a popular tool designed to convert support requests into tickets. Agents can track the progress of these tickets, prioritize urgent requests, and respond to them in time. Whether you run a small B2C startup or a large B2-B company, you can reap the benefits of a ticketing tool.

Assign tickets to the right members of your team

A helpdesk software allows you to assign tickets to the members of your team who are best placed to handle them. For example, a technical support ticket can be assigned to an agent with relevant technical expertise.

One of the main advantages of helpdesk software is that there is complete responsibility for the work. Each incoming ticket has an owner responsible for resolving it as soon as possible. But why is accountability so important? Greater accountability within your team ensures that tickets never slip through the cracks.

Avoid duplicate answers

When handling customer inquiries via email, there are always times when a customer will receive 2-3 different responses from your team. Not only can this be embarrassing for your brand, but can also raise questions about the reliability of your team.

Without a centralized solution in place, your organization can lose track of customer messages and their respective responses. However, with the IT help desk, the transparency of the work is total. Your agents can easily see who is working on what and adjust their daily tasks accordingly.

Manage tickets faster with internal collaboration

Pleasant customer service requires teamwork. Customer service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the whole company. But how do you create a system where different departments can work together?

Thanks to the internal collaboration features of the IT help desk, agents can communicate with each other directly from their dashboard. They can even tag members of other departments and solicit their expertise. Whenever an agent needs help with a complex ticket, they can discuss it with other agents using internal notes.

Automate manual tasks

Managing the majority of your tasks manually can lead to a slow process. Additionally, it can encourage agents to focus on non-urgent tasks.

Automation is one of the best benefits of the IT helpdesk. You can not only streamline workflows but also avoid human error. A ticketing tool can speed up your work. Using this system, you can create predefined responses. Many tools even offer customizable chatbots that are powerful enough to understand customer sentiments and can help them with basic queries or requests.

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