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The criteria for making the right choice to buy a laptop


The criteria for making the right choice to buy a laptop. Electro Tounes sells all kinds of computer equipment: Laptop PC, desktop PC, etc. Is devoted to all the technologies that will allow you to discover, is a computer sales shop in Tunisia. Discover our selection of high-tech and computer products.

You will find on our Tunisia computer store our selection of laptops and desktop PCs at the best prices. Many brands: Asus, Dell, Huawei, Lenovo… We are specialists in Tunisia laptop sales at the best price The criteria for making the right choice to buy a laptop.

What are the components of a laptop computer?

The laptop today is an indispensable tool. It has even become very difficult to do without it because it has become more than just a work tool. For its best functioning, there are several components.

We invite you to discover the most important components of a laptop.

What are the criteria for choosing the right laptop?

Screen size: The first criterion to choose when looking for a new laptop is the screen size. Depending on your use and your needs, you will have to choose the most suitable size for you. If you are a student and are looking for a computer to work on the go, you will have to choose a hybrid or ultra-portable computer of 14 or 13 inches.
Operating system: It occupies a central place in the microcomputer, in order to ensure optimal performance of all the elements of a refurbished or refurbished laptop. lax hardware and software resources.

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