5 free translation applications

Translation applications are one of the essential tools to have on your phone these days. They are useful when traveling and very practical when you have to talk to someone who does not speak the same language as us. Several applications propose to offer you faithful translations of your texts. In this article, we help you choose five free translation apps

Microsoft translation

It is an application that was developed by the computer giant Microsoft. This application is able to give you the translation of a word or a text in sixty different languages. Microsoft translation also offers the possibility of locally downloading dictionaries that will be useful in an area without an internet connection.

The Microsoft translation has a speech recognition system. Thanks to this system, the user just recites his text vocally to translate it. It also allows you to translate text that is on posters or a menu. To do this, you must submit the photo of the poster to the translator, and the latter gives you the translation in the desired language.

The Google translation

GG Traduction is a reference in terms of translation. It was developed by the Google search engine. It is able to translate your text into 108 languages ​​and dialects. His translation is precise and takes into account all the turns and subtleties of the different languages. You can also use it while offline. Google translate has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It also offers the possibility of sharing the translations carried out with other applications. Its voice recognition system makes it an essential translation application.

translation app

The DeepL

It is an excellent text translation software. However, it is only available on computers. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, this translator is able to give you an in-depth translation of relatively long texts. It has just seven languages ​​in its database. This software stands out for its accuracy. He is also very fast in the execution of the translation. DeepL is used by millions of Internet users.

The Say Hi

The Say Hi is an exceptional application. Users still call it the pocket interpreter. She is able to translate nearly 80 languages ​​and dialects fluently. In addition to normal text and word translations, this app can translate a chat between two people. To do this, simply select the languages ​​of the two speakers and press the microphone button in turn. The application immediately translates the conversation and displays it on the screen.

The iTranslate

It is an application used by millions of Internet users. Besides being a translator, the iTranslate is also a dictionary. It is easy to use and allows a quick change of languages. Note that it can translate more than 90 languages. The iTranslate has voice recognition technology which is very handy. It is able to listen to your text and give you a fast and accurate translation. It also allows you to share the translations made with other applications.

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