What better than video games to have fun and pass the time? And, with the number of games available, you won’t be bored. It remains to know where to find some to have fun without hurting your bank account.

The Steam gaming platform

Steam is certainly the best-known game distribution platform. You can access a multitude of games there. Some multiplayer titles allow you to have fun for free (free-to-play). This is the case of Path of Exile, Idle Big Devil or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You will also find paid games on this platform. To improve your gaming experience, you can buy a steam card. This allows you to make a badge which then gives you access to several advantages such as the possibility of changing the wallpapers of the game, raising the limit on the number of friends in your list, etc.

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most downloaded games via the Stream platform. Distributed by NCsoft and developed by ArenaNet, it is absolutely worth discovering. It is a multiplayer role-playing game that immerses you in a rich story, beautiful fights, beautiful landscapes, etc. By purchasing a guild wars 2 gem card, you can unlock various features that allow you to enjoy an even better gaming experience. For example, you can use it to buy accessories like a cap to help you in battles.

Alternatives to Steam

Apart from Steam, there are many other platforms that offer PC video games. Fan of retro games? You will certainly find what you are looking for on the GOG or Good Old Games platform. It offers in its library a hundred good old games. Rest assured, these work without worry under the latest versions of Windows. The platform also offers recent games to satisfy all players. Some of the most popular games include Alpha Centauri, Planescape: Torment, and Baldur’s Gate. To help you find what you’re looking for quickly, games on GOG are categorized. You have adventure games, strategy games, simulation games, action games, etc.

The major game publishers also have their own distribution platforms. So you can go there to access their game offer. For example, for the publisher Electronic Arts, it is the Origin platform. Ubisoft, meanwhile, developed UPlay. You have other platforms like DLgamer that market digital keys giving you access to different titles from several hundred publishers. So, the possibilities are numerous, the choice is yours!

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