How to properly reserve your domain name for the creation of a website?

The website domain name is sometimes mentioned in society, it effectively guarantees its products, its company, and it’s brand a web presence at the correct address. Also, the domain name must be tailor-made and correspond to the related brand or even to the field of activity.

It is one of the means of communication of a brand. If you want to create a website to publicize your activity or to sell your products on the web, you must reserve a domain name so that users can access the pages of the website. In this article, I give you advice on how to properly reserve your domain name.

Choose a site domain name

There are several ways to start your site domain name searches. If the name of your company is an original word that does not really exist in the common language, you should have no problem in order to reserve the address. When this is not the case, however, you will have to exercise your brain and explore each possibility.

You can base this choice on your own name or on the name of your company. When you can’t use your company name as a site’s domain name, I recommend having a strong keyword. It is one of the essential ingredients of a domain name.

I must remind you that the use of keywords in the choice of your web domain identifier has 2 advantages:

  • The use of keywords will inform the user about the subject of your online site.
  • It can also help Google better understand the topic of the website and help you with SEO.

You can use, in this sense, websites acting as address generators. The principle is simple, just enter 1 or 2 keywords and domain name generators offer you several suggestions for domain names with various possible extensions.
As I told you before, part of the domain name research process is subjective. Indeed, it is also important that you choose an eCommerce site name that interests you. And tastes are subjective. However, there are simple criteria to remember in your choice:

  • Clarity and conciseness: a long domain name is more difficult to type on a keyboard and remember.
  • Easy to read: avoid special characters. It must be said that when the chosen domain name is difficult to pronounce and share, it is rarely a winning choice.
  • Creativity: the more unique, concise, and clear the domain name of a website, the more this name will mark everyone’s mind and your visitors will easily remember it.

Make your business visible online

The interest of a professional website is above all to win over new customers, highlight your products, and increase your turnover. So your website must be visible to generate traffic and increase your turnover. But to make the website visible on search engines, you must carefully choose your keywords.
To have good results on the net, the cybernaut types a succession of words. The search engine reasons by keyword. Thus, it analyzes the contents of the search bar and makes several common suggestions related to the detected keyword. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right keywords. Thus, you must put yourself in the shoes of the targets. You may wonder what keywords your targets are typing in to find you and what you expect from them.
Some tools can help you define the relevance of your keywords. These tools test various combinations and report the number of monthly searches for each keyword. The expression is relevant when it is scored from 100. There are also tools that inform about the most typed keywords. These tools can help you find out what interests Internet users at different times of the year. Then, you can adapt your strategy according to the periods.
To optimize the visibility of your site online, you also need web content. The contents must help Internet users. The more time users spend reading your content, the better the search engines will rank your website. But watch out for duplicate content or plagiarism! The search engine can detect them and will punish you if necessary. In your content, the presence of links contributes to the visibility of the website. I advise you to use links that come from a page that already has a considerable number of links, links from trusted and popular sites.
You must also ensure the accessibility of the pages to make your website visible. You have already come across a web page that returns the message “404 not found”. A situation was encountered because of moving the page from one menu to another while failing to modify the URL of each internal link. The search engine penalizes the referencing of online sites with dead links.
Don’t forget about mobile devices. Today, many people connect to the Internet through these devices. Google knows this and sanctions the referencing of websites that are not suitable for it. Also, make sure your site is fast to load and mobile-friendly.

Choosing the right extension

For the domain name, you must choose a relevant extension. Take into consideration the various possible extensions for the domain name of your website. I recommend the TLD (Top-Level Domain) preferably. In simple terms, it is what goes at the end of the URL (.net, .com, .ca, .fr, .org). In general, .com will be the best option because users remember this domain name extension the most for a site. But it is increasingly difficult to find quality .com address names. An excellent option is to use country extensions (.fr for France, .ca for Canada, .be for Belgium…). Google uses it to geolocate websites, so choose these e-commerce site name extensions only if it applies to your web project.

Once you find the right domain name, you can buy it. In general, you get a free domain name at the same time as you buy the Internet hosting plan for a duration of 12 months. If you are French-speaking, I suggest a French-speaking company that has its server in a French-speaking country (France, Canada, etc.).

It should be noted that you must know the difference between .fr and .com to choose the right domain name.

Thus, it is risky for you to stay away from the new ways of corporate communication. You must keep in mind that the presence of your company on the web must follow the evolutions of the web and be part of the long term. In addition, you must reserve a domain name for your targets to access the pages of your site. This eCommerce site name must be personalized and correspond to your field of activity. So, do not hesitate any longer and buy a domain name for life.

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