What are possible reasons of suicide?

What are possible reasons of suicide? There are so many reasons why nonsense people attempt suicide. Suicide is not a solution to a problem. In fact, it is a symbol of weakness that a person can not face different hard and tough life phases. Ups and downs are a part of life. Every person goes through this phase. Sometimes life and other social people give hard situations, hardships, hurdles, etc. In these situations, people get depressed, anxious, angry, fearful, etc. And in these situations, the brain stops working properly and in these situations, the mind thinks negatively. Negative thoughts come to mind and they lead a person to suicide. Because they are not seeing any other positive solution to a problem. So in this article, we will discuss some other reasons for suicidal thoughts and negative thoughts which leads a person to attempt suicide. 

Previous suicide attempt

The biggest reason for suicidal thoughts or suicide again is a previous attempt at suicide. The best psychiatrist near me for anxiety and depression says that If a person had already tried or attempted suicide then suicide again is not a big deal for him or her. The reason for this is that the previous attempt had made a person fearless of giving his life and the only solution to a problem in front of him is suicide. 

History of depression and another mental issues

A person suffering continuously from depression, anxiety, anger, and other mental disorders gets annoyed and irritated with life. So he wants to get out of these situations and they move toward suicide. 

Criminal problem

Most criminals attempt suicide because they don’t want punishment from the police or any other department. They don’t want a lifetime in jail or they don’t want to listen to the sentence of death. So that’s why they attempt suicide. Criminals prefer suicide over any other punishment. 

Job/financial problem

If a person is living hand to mouth and can’t even take a diet of three times daily in a good way because of financial issues and job problems, he gets worried about himself and his family. He gets depressed, worried, fearful, etc. And these situations make a person mentally unstable and patient. To get out of all these situations, negative thoughts of suicide come to mind of a person. 

Sense of hopeless

When there is hopelessness, difficulties, hardships, hurdles, Perplexities, etc around a person and he is not getting or seeing any way to get out of these situations and he becomes totally hopeless and depressed then a person thinks to attempt suicide for a reason that he could get free. He wants to get out of hopelessness and depression but he is not finding any positive way then which makes suicidal thoughts come to his mind. 

Loss of relationship

Loss of any relationship which is very close and lovely makes a person totally mental. ADHD specialist near me says that Relationships play a very important and beautiful part in every person’s life so if he loses a relationship or a person which is loved by him then a person also wants to go to him or doesn’t want to live a life without him or her and in this case, he attempts suicide. Relationships may be of parents, partners, children, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. These all relationships which are mentioned in the above Lines are so beautiful and lovely so any person can’t imagine living without them but death is compulsory in every life so all persons lose their loved ones or in another case, like the breakup of two loving ones, etc. These cases also make a person attempt suicide. 

Social isolation

When a person is living alone without interactions with other persons around him, this is known as social isolation. Social isolation makes a person so tired, irritated, depressed, etc. And all these situations lead a person to other mental disorders. A person gets sick and physically and mentally weak. In these situations, negative thoughts come to a person’s mind and he thinks about suicide at the end, he attempts suicide. Social isolation is very harmful and dangerous. 


Stress is a very serious mental disorder that continues to make a person unhealthy and depressed and it is also a cause of other mental disorders like fear, anxiety, depression, etc. If a person is stressed and not living a healthy life then he moves toward suicide. He thinks that after death he will get peace. So he attempts suicide. Cleveland therapy is one of the best solutions to stress.


In this article, we have mentioned different reasons for suicidal thoughts or reasons and situations which take a person to suicide (death). Suicide is not a good thing it is shit and a very regretting thing after death in the next world. But this is not so. So whenever you are in such conditions and situations you must visit to a psychiatrist instead of attempting suicide. You can also call us if you are in any problems.

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