What are the benefits of master data management?

With the rise of digitization and the proliferation of cloud computing technologies, data management has become a major concern. Tracking, sorting, and verifying data can be a daunting task. A master data management solution has tremendous benefits for any business. Let’s discover them together!

An MDM facilitates good data management practices

Improving the quality and integration of data is a necessary condition for information to be a key strategic asset for the proper functioning of the organization. In addition to preventing the consolidation of information within the company, the absence of a Master Data Management (MDM) or its proper management encourages poor data management practices. Both in data users and in the IT department, which makes migrations and interaction between systems difficult and, in short, causes constant problems in operational management and decision-making

MDM reduces the risk of errors

Think about all the departments in your business that generate and consume data. Think about all the operations performed by employees, from production to human resources. Consider anything that requires hot (in-use) or cold (archived) data. Fluctuations in the consistency and authenticity of this data can lead to a cascade of errors. This can quickly affect your operational costs and endanger your business activity. In many cases, the problem may be larger than expected.

MDM can reduce operational costs

The impact of master data management (MDM) on results goes beyond limiting business losses. The amount of resources used (storage space, processing time, network throughput, etc.) has a direct impact on the cost of operating and supporting a network architecture.

MDM can simplify your digital business compliance

Compliance is a major issue in today’s digital industry, and with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, CIPA, and GDPR, as well as other regulatory frameworks, compliance requirements are changing rapidly. Compliance alone can require a total effort, and the situation is particularly serious in large companies.

An MDM can improve your customer service

They say “time is money” and in today’s lightning-fast digital world, that saying is truer than ever. Master data management interacts with customers at every stage of the transactional process, from initial interaction with the application to shipping, delivery, and feedback. MDM thus eliminates discrepancies and errors that can impact product delivery by improving performance based on real-time feedback. It gives you a data management experience that was previously inaccessible to you.

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