WHAT IS A VEHICLE CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE? When importing a vehicle from abroad, for example from Turkey or Switzerland, it is necessary to carry out certain procedures in order to be able to travel on the roads of France. Among these, there is in particular obtaining a certificate of conformity (COC). But what does it correspond to and for which vehicles does this certificate apply?

Description and function of the certificate of conformity

As its name suggests, the certificate of conformity makes it possible to authenticate the conformity of a vehicle according to the requirements of European laws. For the record, it was originally established with the aim of facilitating trade for greater freedom of movement within the EU. It is therefore not supposed to be binding at the base, which is why the steps to follow to obtain its certificate go quite quickly with an average time limit of 7 days.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not only concern vehicles imported from another European country. Indeed, if for example you have transformed your car into a utility vehicle, it is necessary to certify that it is still authorized to drive on EU roads.

In addition, most motor vehicles are concerned by this certificate. That is to say those of category M (private vehicles, sedans, buses, etc.), those of category N (utility vehicles such as vans and vans) or those of category L (motorcycles and scooters). You should know that the COC is directly established by the manufacturer in fact, so you should not have to ask for it to register a car in France. However, it can happen to misplace it or not to get it when you buy a used vehicle from an individual. It is in this case that we can call on a specialized organization.

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