Why choose the repair of a Mac?

Why choose the repair of a Mac? If you own a Mac computer, you certainly want to make it last as long as possible. Apple devices are high-end products, there is no need to get rid of them at the first problem that arises. Repairing your Mac is the simplest and most effective solution, especially in a time of growing environmental concerns.

Extend the durability defined by Apple

Rather than changing models, you have everything to gain by prolonging a device as powerful and essential to your professional activity as your Mac Pro, for example.

Apple centers no longer have spare parts for devices considered obsolete, but independent repairers have provided for this and can therefore replace the defective part thanks to the stocks they have been building up for years. You will be surprised how easily your computer will gain a new lease of life!

Choose a certified repairer

It is important to choose the right repairer to entrust your Apple computer to. Of course, choose an approved or certified repairer. Check to see if they offer a warranty on the repairs they perform. If this is not the case, it is because he does not trust his technicians, and it is better to look elsewhere. Also, look at the repair times, you don’t want your Mac dragging out for weeks in the workshop when you need it.

In Paris, for example, McBride has been a specialist in repairing Apple products for more than ten years, Apple certified.

Do not hesitate to seek a certified repairer who will be able to pamper your Mac for all repairs, maintenance, computer troubleshooting, data backup, and recovery, or even to simply improve its performance. For example, depending on the option you chose at the time of purchase, it may be possible to upgrade the RAM or the graphics card.

Every breakdown has its repair

It is rare for a computer to be beyond repair. Most of the time, every problem has a solution. You are likely experiencing the same failures as many other users, and the crashes that occur are often the same. Repairers are used to it and know how to fix it. Liquid spilled on your MacBook Pro keyboard? A broken screen? A bug when updating MacOs? A flat or swollen battery? Lost or corrupted data? This is the daily life of professional repairers! Entrust your defective Mac to them, they will return it to you as new. So do not panic, no need to buy a device as soon as a problem arises.

The environmental benefit

In addition to saving on the price of a new Apple device, you get the environmental benefit that comes with it. Repairing rather than buying new means avoiding the waste of resources and limiting waste. Computer repairers send used parts for specific recycling, and when they trade in second-hand devices, they dismantle them to sort out of use parts from parts that are still functional.

All these practices fight against overconsumption and therefore against pollution and the depletion of resources it generates. This is why European and American legislative institutions have begun to introduce measures to strengthen the durability of electronic devices by encouraging reuse and repairs.

The right to repair

The right to repair is thus now part of the consumer’s claims.

Repairability ratings for Apple devices aren’t known to be the highest. The average user will have more difficulty repairing a MacBook themselves than a competing laptop and will prefer to contact a professional repairer. But the brand is improving and expanding its program of independent repairers, so don’t hesitate any longer, make your Mac last!

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