What is the role of a temp agency?

Temporary work is one of the career options that can appeal to active workers looking for more diversity and flexibility in their work. A specialist in the recruitment and rapid placement of talent, a temp agency makes life easier for both recruiters and recruits. So what exactly is the role of an interim agency. We go around the subject in 5 key points.

What is a temp agency?

The mission of a temporary agency is threefold, it must be able to:

  • Source skilled worker profiles
  • Help job seekers find temporary assignments that match their aspirations
  • Support companies looking for temporary workers to make their process more reliable and the effectiveness of their recruitment process.

The temporary agency is the employer of the temporary worker

The temporary agency is the de jure company while the client company is the de facto company since it directs the progress of the mission within its own establishment. In this configuration, the agency fulfills all the duties of an employer vis-à-vis his temporary worker, namely: printing payslips, payment of wages, contributions for unemployment and social protection, etc.

Who can use a temp agency?

All companies can work with a temp agency like Page Personnel, regardless of their size or sector of activity. They generally seek the services of a firm when:

  • A peak of activity is felt (seasonal work, large order, etc.)
  • It is necessary to replace an absent employee

Be aware, however, that it is not possible to work with a temporary agency for:

  • Recruit models or occupational physicians
  • Replace striking staff
  • Filling a position after an economic redundancy

Working in a temp agency: advantages for temporary workers

By choosing temporary work, active workers have the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of traditional employment (paid leave, mutual insurance, unemployment, etc.) while gaining flexibility. Temporary workers can:

  • Choisir de travailler ou pas pendant certaines périodes de l’année
  • Privilégier des missions avec des horaires ou jours de travail qui arrangent leur emploi du temps personnel
  • Profiter de plus de diversité dans leurs tâches professionnelles en choisissant librement leurs missions

Working in a temp agency: advantages for companies

Going through a temporary agency allows companies to save valuable time during the recruitment phase. The process is indeed more efficient because placement agencies often have a pool of candidates available. Advisors are responsible for sourcing profiles, identifying the best talent, and verifying their interview skills.

The objective in all circumstances, the temporary agency to make it possible to recruit qualified and available profiles immediately. The firm also takes care of all the administrative work and time-consuming tasks that often overload the daily lives of HR departments and managers.

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